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with wires cut near twin peaks. this was reported yesterday morning it looks like vandals have entered the facility but did not steal anything. civil services were not impacted but the fbi is being impacted >>daria: families use more cost saving strategies to cut college and the past academic years. choosing more economical schools and also living at home to help of four college. the average amount spent on college declined by 5% in 2011-12 school year. they based on those decisions on what they're able to pay. >>mark: continue to follow this developing story from the protesters. with an effort to try to disrupt service. and also the 'j' lines know they are moving over san francisco towards muni headquarters we are live with an update, coming up ♪ great idea. so we'll switch to u-verse tv and internet... that's just what we need... i got accepted into juilliard. [ dad ] that's great! can we talk about wireless plans? now we can video-chat. and faster internet... [ female announcer ] with at&t u-verse, you can build a personalized bundle to fit your needs. even when they change. switc
center there will be a a -- there was a giant panda and they gave birth to little twins. they were only 26 minutes apart pit there is not a gender yet. i can watch babies for ever. they are so cute. it's amazing how tiny they start from and how big a pan gets. >>mark: this massive of tree fell entrapped a woman inside her home pit this is a tree that weighed thousands of pounds crash down on her home. >> my employment with the doctor was at 1015. i walked out and saw that and thought that tree was going to come down. i said to myself when i came back at that tree came down. >>darya: city workers say the fell because the retain to much water. 8:57 a.m. is a time. we are like the the police headquarters to tell you what happened about a woman shot in the face in oakland. >>mark: we will return with the kron 4 and knees in just a few minutes. >>james: the rest of san francisco will show the rest of the fog to burn off today. it is mostly clear and warm as we head into the evening. it may only have cooled off into the 80s by the time you went to bed. we will have full details on this 7 day
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2